Stalker, 2020 DGPT Tour Champion Hailey King

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Limited run Stalkers made for Hailey Kings dgpt championship in October 2020 

Flight Numbers – Speed: 7 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 2

Hailey King Stalker – Hailey, nicknamed the ‘Hail Storm’, has exploded onto the scene and is one of the furthest throwers in the game! She has a cannon for an arm and excels both forehand and backhand. Hailey loves the Stalker and it makes sense, it is a slower fairway that she can use as a longer Buzzz. The 2020 Team Series Z plastic is a super sick swirly blend of Z plastic that is really stiff. The molds have seemed to be more overstable in this plastic in the initial go round. The Hailey King Stalker will be a fairway that really gets forward before a reliable fade at the end. It can be trusted when thrown hard. The Stalker is a straight flying 7 speed that acts as a slower Undertaker in a way! Go support Hailey and grab a Hailey King Stalker today!!!

Hailey has this to say about her 2020 Tour Series Stalker: “The Stalker is my go to fairway driver, and it only got better. With this new Z swirl, the Stalker is a tad more stable. These Stalkers are the best run I’ve ever thrown. It’s a slower fairway, and it actually has a micro bead. For me it flies like a longer Buzzz. The micro bead allows the disc to slow down when it hits the ground. This is very useful in the woods!”