Alpaca, Glow P Blend, Eric Oakley 2023

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Blue Red/Gold Stamp 175g 3
Blue Pink/Silver Glitter Stamp 175g
White Blue/ Silver Stamp 175g
White (Gold Glitter and Purple Flower) Stamp 175g
White Purple/Pink Flower Stamp 175g 2
Pink Holo/Rainbow Glitter Stamp 175g 2
Pink (Wonderbread and Pink Glitter) Stamp 175g 2
Blue Pink/Teal Stamp 175g
Blue Black/Rainbow Glitter Stamp 175g
White Rainbow Glitter/ Silver Stamp 175g
White Pink/Silver Stamp 175g

Flight Numbers - Speed: 3 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 1

The Alpaca is the quintessential beadless putter. While the Infinite Discs Cohort has a somewhat low profile rim, the Alpaca presents a deeper rim for more of a traditional putter feel. Whether thrown at the basket or lofted high for approaches and drives, the Alpaca will carry your workload with ease.

Some say this is... very similar to the Discmania P2 which is one of the best and most popular putters in the world.

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