BUZZZ, ESP Paul McBeth 6X

$20.99 USD

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Blue/White Party Stamp 177g
Orange Cream Blue Stamp 177+g
Orange Silver Stamp 177+g
Yellow/Green Blue Stamp 177+
Green/Blue Black Stamp 176g
Light Blue/Blue Blue Stamp 174g
Purple/Blue Sunset Stamp 177g
Blue Swirl Gold Star Stamp 171g
Peach Black/Silver Tiger Stamp 177+g
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Yellow Wonderbread Stamp 176g
Orange Black Big Bee Stamp 177+g
Yellow Silver Buzzz Stamp 176g
Pink Silver Star Stamp 176g
Green Green/Yellow Line Stamp 176g
Yellow Pink Tron Stamp 176g
Pink/White Wonderbread Stamp 172g
Red Wonderbread Stamp 172g
Light Pink Rainbow Shatter Stamp 172g
Light Yellow Silver Discraft Stamp 169g
White Blue McBeth Stamp 169g

Flight Numbers - Speed: 5 Glide: 4 Turn: -1 Fade:  1

Buzzz – One of the most popular midrange discs ever made, if not the most popular! An extremely comfortable feel in the hand and flight that many view as the best in the business. Loved by many, from the top pros like Nate Doss, to the everyday recreational golfer. The Buzzz has been around for over a decade and keeps getting stronger! Available in a ton of different plastic types and an OS and SS version, there’s sure to be a version that perfectly fits your game. The low profile, beadless feel is perfect for both forehand and backhand throws. It is a super straight flying disc and is the perfect midrange for your game. If you like a disc that holds whatever line you put it on and continues to push forward the whole flight, then grab a trusty Buzzz.