Buzzz ESP, Paul McBeth 6X Mcbeast

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Pink Green Clover/Purple Glitter Stamp 177g
Pink/Blue Red/Teal Stamp 177g
Purple/Blue Snow Flake/Blue Rose 176g

Paul McBeth 6x ESP Buzzz – The Buzzz is one of the most legendary discs in the game and Paul McBeth is the best player to ever throw the Buzzz. Paul won his 6th World Championship this year in Emporia and now you can have a Buzzz that commemorates that feat. With a brand new MCB6XST 6 Claw stamp the Buzzz has a brand new look! The Buzzz is the go-to midrange in the Discraft lineup due to its consistent straight flight. The MCB6XST 6 Claw Swirly ESP Buzzz has a great feel in the hand and is made with some beautiful Swirly ESP plastic. If you want a disc that will turn heads then grab a Paul McBeth 6x Swirly ESP Buzzz today!