Buzzz SS, ESP Swirl, Tim Barham, Tour Series, 2022

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Grey Holo Stamp 177g
Yellow Copper Glitter Stamp 177g
Purple Wood Stamp 177g
Yellow/Pink Swirl Green Bar Stamp 177g
Yellow Green Bar Stamp 177g
Yellow Wood Stamp 177g

Flight Numbers - 5 / 4 / -2 / 1

What does the SS stand for in the Discraft ESP Buzzz SS?  Super Stable. The SS discs are made with beginners in there mind or players who don’t have amazing arm speed.  This Mid Range disc is the brother of the most popular Mid Range in the history of the game, the original Buzzz.   It’s perfect for people looking for the same type of flight path as a professional since they don’t have the same amount of power.  The SS has started to become a staple in the Discraft lineup as they are flying so well for the consumers.