Captain's Raptor, Jawbreaker Z Flx, 2023 Edition

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Flight Numbers - 9 / 3 / 1 / 4

Introducing the 2023 Captain's Raptor! The Paul Ulibarri Captain's Raptor 2023 edition is available in special blend Jawbreaker Z Flex plastic with a new look and feel. These will be a little straighter out of the box compared to last year's ESP plastic Captains Raptor, making for a great counterpart to the First Run. 

Just a reminder that this is a Limited Edition, Annual Release. We will not be able to order these in again from Discraft until the end of 2024. Once they are gone, that's it until the following year.  

The Captain's Raptor is a modified-overstable Discraft Raptor ran in Jawbreaker Z Flex. This disc was inspired by Team Discraft Captain, Paul Ulibarri. This is the first run ever done in this plastic!