Cicada, Z Line, First Run


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Red Blue Shatter Stamp 168g
Clear Holo Stamp 174g
Purple Silver Snake Skin Stamp 171g
Blue Snowflake Stamp 171g
Red Clover Stamp 171g
Red Gold Stamp 157g
Clear Light Blue Stamp 168g
Light Green Green Stamp 157g
Pink Silver Snake Skin Stamp 161g
Blue Blue Camo Stamp 168g
Green Gold Holo Stamp 157g
Green Silver Stamp 162g
Green Blue Holo Stamp 173g
Green Clover Stamp 171g
Yellow Pink Stamp 162g
Yellow Sunset Stamp 157g
Pink Pink Stamp 176g
Clear Pink Stamp 176g
Red Blue Stamp 173g
Blue Gold Stamp 174g

Flight Numbers – Speed: 7 Glide: 6 Turn: -1 Fade: 1

The Discraft Cicada is designed to be a hyzer-flip machine. Beginners and intermediate players will love that with a smooth, controlled release, this disc will fly dead straight. With a smash, this disc will carve up long arcing turnovers and execute perfect rollers. As a proud addition to Discraft's lineup, the Cicada thrives, elevating the game of disc golf and complementing their legacy of excellence.