DD3 Cloudbreaker, Swirly S-Line, Eagle McMahon Tour

$299.99 USD

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Pink With Green Digi Stamp 175g, 9.0/10
Green/Blue Swirl Blue Stamp 172.9g

Flight Numbers - Speed: 12 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 3

Cloud Breaker – People have been going crazy about the DD3 since the Cloud Breaker was released with a custom stamp for Eagle McMahon. It is the perfect distance disc to slot between the PD2 and the DDx. It is a bomber for those with power, it handles snap well and gets a little turn without flipping. It has plenty of stability to fight out at the end and will fly overstable and consistent for slower arms. These discs feel really good, similar to Innova’s Destroyer, it is already one of the most hyped discs that Discmania has ever released. We are excited for this disc and to hear people’s responses to it. This disc seems destined to live up to all the hype, with a great feel and a reliable flight with plenty of forward push, everyone will be clamoring over these for a long time.