Conqueror, Halo S-Blend, James Proctor Signature Edition

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Yellow Gold Holo Stamp 175g
Pink/White Silver Rose Stamp 175g
Blue/Red Gold Holo Stamp 175g
Blue/Yellow Green Stamp 175g
Blue/Yellow Pink Stamp 175g
Blue/Yellow Green/Red Stamp 175g
White Yellow Green/Lavendar Stamp 175g
White Blue Silver Stamp 175g

Flight Numbers - 12 / 4 / 0 / 4

The Conqueror by Infinite Discs is a formidable overstable distance driver designed to conquer the challenges of the most powerful throws, even in the hands of professional players. When unleashed, the Conqueror showcases an impressive end-of-flight fade, whether launched forehand or backhand, and dependably conquers fierce headwinds with unwavering stability.