Force, ESP Swirl, Andrew Presnell Tour Series, 2022

$24.99 USD

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Orange Ghost Stamp 174g
Red/Purple Swirl Gold Checkered Stamp 174g
Pink/Blue Swirl Checkered Stamp 174g
Purple Holo Glitter Stamp 174g
Yellow/Green Gold Checkered Stamp 174g
Pink Red Shatter Stamp 174g #1
Pink Red Shatter Stamp 174g #2
Orange/White Swirl Black Stamp 174g

Flight Numbers - 12 / 5 / 0 / 3

The Discraft Force is a very overstable distance driver that people compare to the Nuke. The ESP Force has .2 cm less rim width making the speed 12 so the ability for a larger audience of players from beginner, Intermediate and Experts will be able to throw. The disc is still recommended for Intermediate/Experts as the harder you throw with Force, the farther this disc will go!