Detour, Neutron, James Conrad 2024 Team Series

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Dark Blue Gold/Silver Stamp 177g
Light Blue Gold/Silver Stamp 177g
Yellow Gold/Silver Stamp 176g
Grey Gold/Silver Stamp 176g
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White Gold/Silver Stamp 171g 3
Purple Gold/Silver Stamp 169g 2

Flight Numbers - Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: -2 Fade: 1

With the release of the Neutron Detour - James Conrad’s newest addition to his lineup of discs - it’s only fitting to also release the 2024 James Conrad Team Series edition on it too! DoubleRam Design brings his talents to another entry in the series for the most pliable man on tour - following up Bendy and Twisty with the new Stretchy James!

As an exceptionally flexible midrange disc, the Detour is the perfect disc to add to this collection and will no doubt be one of Conrad’s most popular discs ever. Get your new favorite midrange while helping support James out on tour with the James Conrad Team Series Neutron Detour!