Defy, Fission Plastic - Special Edition *Pre-Order*

$22.95 USD

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Flight Numbers - 11 / 5 / -1.5 / 3 

Strap up your boots, grab the gear, and hit the gas pedal - it’s time to hit the course. The legendary Skulboy brings us a brand new triple-foil Special Edition stamp for the debut of the Fission Defy! Gritty and determined, let your Defy lead the charge as you take on the course for every birdie you can liberate for your scorecard. Reduce the course to an apocalyptic wasteland after you scorch through with the Special Edition Fission Defy!

MVP Fission Plastic is a lightweight and durable blend. The lightweight plastic is currently offered for drivers because you're going to get excellent distance out of these discs. With less weight to them, they should be easier to get up to speed and throw further.

*Please request what rim color and the weight you would prefer in the comment section of your order. These discs should be able to ship out in about 3 weeks per MVP, all discs in order will be shipped out together. If you would like the other discs earlier, please place a separate order*