Draco, Quantum Color Lunar, Calvin Heimburg Limited Edition

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Flight Numbers - 9 / 3 / 0 / 4

This is the Millennium Quantum Color Lunar Draco - Calvin Heimburg Signature Edition.

The Millennium Draco is an overstable distance driver. Named after the dragon constellation in the northern sky, Millennium's "Draco" is a mighty and overstable distance driver that fills a new space in the line. Similar in speed to our famous Orion LF, the Draco has less glide with a stronger and more sustained fade. Its combination of stability and speed give this disc golf driver a high degree of control and the power to fight headwinds for all skill levels and distance ranges. It is a "must have" for forehands, fade hyzers, thumbers and skip-shots. With a super flat top and resistance to off-axis torque, the Draco promotes a smooth, clean release that will carry the disc in a variety of shot styles. The Draco has become a new favorite in the Millennium line.