Nuke, ESP Paige Pierce

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Pink Silver Glitter Stamp 174g
Blue Black Stamp 174g
Purple Silver Glitter Stamp 174g
Orange Blue Shatter Stamp 174g
Yellow Red Shatter Stamp 174g
Blue Purple Stamp 172g
Lavender Light Blue/Grey Stamp 174g
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Blurple Green Stamp 174g
Yellow Wonderbread Stamp 172g
Yellow Glitter Shatter Stamp 169g
Pink/Purple Halo Blue Flower Stamp 172g
Blue/Teal Holo Flag Stamp 172g
Purple Copper Star Stamp 174g
Pink Blue Stamp 174g

Flight Numbers: Speed 13 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 3 

The Nuke is a max speed distance driver that has become a mainstay in the lineup for its consistency and usefulness for players of all skill levels. 
Paige Pierce 5x Signature Series Nuke.