Explorer, Orbit Gold, Lauri Lehtinen

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Flight Numbers - 7 / 5/ 0/ 2 

Lauri Lehtinen Gold Orbit Explorer  – New to Latitue 64’s lineup in early 2018, the Explorer is sure to make the bag for many golfers. Well loved by the masses, the mold seems to be a perfect fairway driver addition to your bag. A great feeling rim, very comfortable in the hand, the disc has a ton of glide and holds it’s line for days! When thrown hard and flat it will fly relatively straight with a touch of turn and a little but of fade, great for hyzers, straight shots, and annys. Due to its versatility this thing is a workhorse. It handles wind well without being too overstable. Plus with the glide it has it will stay in the air pushing down the fairway forever. Voted Disc of the Year in 2018 these things have been a hit since their inception! Grab yourself a Lauri Lehtinen Gold Orbit Explorer today!