Fireball, Fission Plastic

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Flight Numbers - Speed: 9 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 3.5

A Mike Inscho original, the Fission Fireball SE brings the fire to your fairway game! The Fission Fireball SE is a perfect match of art and disc - with the red shatter holo foil flame effect capping off the already excellent art. No collection of Fireballs will be complete without this jaw-dropping SE, and it’ll look equally as amazing carving up fairways and ignoring the wind out on the course. Grab this pure fire before it’s gone!

The Axiom Fireball is an overstable 20mm driver in the Axiom line. This disc is described as a beat in MVP Motion or more overstable Tesla. Compared with the Motion, this disc will exhibit a longer forward push before fading out at the end of the flight. The Fireball has all the high-speed turn resistance a headwind or forehand thrower desires. This is a great flick and headwind disc.