Force ESP, Paul McBeth 6X Mcbeast

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Red Silver Tron/ Silver Stars Stamp 174g
Pink Pinkflower/Blue Stamp 172g
Yellow Silver/Purple Stamp 172g
Red Rainbow Stamp 172g
Grey Silver/Blue Stamp 172g
Orange Green/Rainbow Stamp 174g
Pink Black/Rainbow Stamp 174g

Paul McBeth 6x ESP Force – The Force from Discraft is a long distance, overstable driver that is one of the most trustworthy discs on the market. It can handle both forehand and backhand power and has a great feel in the Swirly ESP plastic. This run commemorates Paul McBeth’s 6th World Championship with a 6 Claw MCB6XST stamp on the Force. The 6 Claw Swirly ESP Force feels great and is a disc that will have a long straight early flight before being reliably overstable at the end of the flight. Make sure you grab a Paul McBeth 6x MCB6XST Swirly ESP Force today!