Force, Z Swirl, 2023 Ledgestone DGLO Edition

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Green American Flag Stamp 174g
Pink American flag Stamp 174g
Purple Pink Shatter Stamp 174g
Purple Gold Digi Stamp 174g
Burnt Orange Gold Digi Stamp 174g
Pink/Orange Gold Digi Stamp 174g

Flight Numbers - Speed: 12 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 3

Force your drives into maximum fade with this very overstable distance driver. The Discraft Force is one of the more overstable drivers, with a stability rating of 2.0. This disc has a wide rim (2.3cm) and travels at very high speeds. The force was built for power throwers looking for more distance, and is Discraft’s fastest flying overstable driver. The Force is available in the inexpensive Pro-D plastic as well as high quality Elite Z, ESP, and Titanium plastics. If you throw with force, this is a disc you’re going to want in your bag.