Fx4, 500 Plastic

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Yellow Purple Shatter Stamp 175g
Red/Pink Rainbow Stamp 173g
Purple Rainbow Stamp 176g

Flight Numbers - 9 / 5 / -2 / 1

The Prodigy FX-4 is a new fairway driver, similar to the newly released Fx-3, this disc is for shaping fairways. 
Slightly more understable than the Fx3, the FX4 gives plenty of glide to keep the disc in the air and to keep pushing.

Generally, most 9-speed discs would not be ideal for newer players, but this has a great amount of play to the flight.
If you are a more advanced player, be ready to break your distance records. This disc pushes! Once you realize how it pans or flips with how you throw, you are going to be able to unlock effortless distance.