Tactic - Hard Exo

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Flight Numbers - 4 / 2 / 0 / 3

The Tactic fills a highly anticipated void in our putter line up. We searched for a viable solution for a truly overstable throwing putter and we have come up with exactly that. You can throw it with confidence, putt reliably into strong winds, it’s great for all types of shot selection, and the variety of plastics available allow you to experiment with which one suits you best. The Tactic is similar in depth to a P2 while not too deep to hold, will definitely offer a bit more room to latch on to the rim comfortably. As a truly overstable putter, players will be pleased with the exceptional amount of glide this disc maintains. 

Hard Exo: The Hard Exo plastic gives the Tactic enough rigidity for players to be confident that the disc will retain its shape, even for players with a firm grip. While remaining firm, the hard Exo plastic has a soft velvet-like feel to its surface making this plastic both reliable and comfortable to the touch.