Luna, ESP Swirl, Paul Mcbeth, Tour Series, 2023

$24.99 USD

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Green Yellow Glitter Stamp 174g
Purple Purple Stamp 174g
Yellow/Green Rainbow Stamp 174g
Light Blue Rainbow Stamp 174g
Grey Rainbow Stamp 174g
Red Blue Shatter Stamp 174g
Pink/Blue Blue Shatter Stamp 174g
Dark Yellow Blue Shatter Stamp 172g
Yellow 'PM' Stamp 172g
Blurple Blue Wood Grain Stamp 174g
Green Rainbow Shatter Stamp 174g
Dark Purple Purple Stamp 174g

Flight Numbers - 3 / 3 / 0 / 3

The control given by Paul McBeth Luna provides any angle thrown at or putting style to showcase it with very high potential.  The perfect disc for a low gliding disc along with a beadless putting ability for Disc Golfers to feel comfortable.