Paradox, Neutron

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Teal Rim Blue Plate 178g
Green Rim Red Plate 177g
Pink Rim Blue Plate 177g
Blue Rim Purple Plate 176g
Green Rim Blue Plate 176g
Blue Rim Light Blue Plate 176g
Light Green Rim Green Plate 176g
Pink Rim Orange Plate 173g
Pink Rim Purple Plate 168g
Pink Rim Blue Plate 168g

Flight Numbers - 5 / 4 / -4 / 0

Among the most understable midranges ever produced, the Paradox is capable of some truly unique lines. High-power players will be using the Paradox for utility shots like rollers, low speed flip ups, massive nose up anhyzers, and other touch shots. Low-power players will find the Paradox is a great first midrange for straight or hyzer-flip flights. Whether you’re using it as a teaching tool, or a utility disc for woods golf, the Paradox’s understability won’t let you down. If you need it to turn, the Paradox is the disc for you!