Nordic Phenom, Niklas Anttila Stamp Signed Special Blend S-Line PD

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Flight Numbers - 10 / 4 / 0 / 3

Harness the power from the North with Nordic Phenom! This particular PD is something we are extremely excited for. Niklas Anttila’s signature PD boasts a tremendous amount of glide and a straighter flight compared to the C-Line production runs. Special blend plastic contains natural variances in color that provide a unique and visually appealing look to each. These discs also offer more grip with special blend plastic so you can perform in any condition without sweating the small stuff. 

The best all-around driver for advanced and Pro-level player

These have a much straighter flight compared to their C-Line counterparts. If you liked the Cloudbreaker plastic, this is right up your alley.