Pa3, SOFT Color GLOW Plastic, Isaac Robinson Stamp

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Light Blue Red/Blue Stamp 174g
Light Blue Black/Blue Stamp 174g
Light Blue Gold/Oil slick Stamp 173g 2
Pink Gold/Red Stamp 174g
Pink Gold/Blue Star Stamp 174g 2
Pink Gold/Red Stamp 173g

Flight Numbers - 3/4/0/1

Isaac Robinson 300 Soft Color Glow Pa3 – Isaac Robinson putted his way to his second major and his first World Title. This run features some sweet glow plastic and is perfect around the circle. This is a disc that you want to pick up and it helps support the newest PDGA World Champion, Isaac Robinson. The artwork on this disc is amazing and is an amazing disc to have whether you are a collector or an Isaac Robinson fan. Make sure you grab a Isaac Robinson 300 Soft Color Glow Pa3 World Championship disc today!

Show your support for Isaac and pick one up today! This is part of the first wave of Isaac Robinson World Championship commemorative merchandise.