Peppermint, Sunny Plastic, Jacob Courtis

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Blue Red Stamp 174g
Blue Red Stamp 173g

Flight Numbers - Speed: 4 Glide: 2 Turn: 0 Fade: 4

Infused with a little bit of Pepper and a little bit of Mint, the Peppermint embodies unwavering reliability as an overstable approach disc, effortlessly defying even the strongest of winds. With its dependable flight characteristics, the Peppermint remains a steadfast companion in the face of challenging conditions, ensuring accurate and controlled throws.

Jacob Courtis Sunny Peppermint – The Peppermint is an overstable approach disc that can be used all over the course and in any weather conditions. With a comfortable beadless feel in the hand, the Peppermin can be trusted on any grip both forehand and backhand. The Sunny plastic feels great and comes very flat in this plastic. Make sure you grab a Jacob Courtis Tour Series Sunny Peppermint today!