Quasar, Quantum Plastic

$18.99 USD

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Red Rainbow Stamp 175g (Run 1.4)
Orange Purple Rose Stamp 175g (Run 1.4)
Pink Flag Stamp 171g (Run 1.4)
Red Silver Dot Stamp 169g (Run 1.4)

Flight Numbers - Speed 13, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 3

The Quasar is about a speed 13 ultra long range driver with smooth glide, resistance to turn, and lots of fade. It’s a dependable disc built for strong throwers whose shots need to finish with a strong fade. The Quasar is our most over-stable disc providing players with confidence when throwing against the wind. This disc is a great choice for both backhand and sidearm throwers.

Best for intermediate and advanced players, but suitable for beginners if using lighter weights.