Raider, BioFuzion

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Flight Numbers - 13 / 5 / -0.5 / 3

BioFuzion Raider – The super popular new Raider mold is now available in extremely grippy BioFuzion plastic! This plastic also tends to be a bit less stable and beats in a little faster. The Raider mold is a certified boomer, getting a ton of distance and glide with just the right amount of turn to really get down the fairway. The Raider will get more flip and glide than the Lucid or Fuzion version of the mold. The Raider is one of the best workhorse drivers on the market and it is perfect for cycling and carrying multiples. The Raider in BioFuzion plastic will be the perfect understable complement to the more neutral Fuzion Raider and the more overstable Lucid Raider. If you like carrying multiples of the same disc to give you a lot of shots then this is the perfect mold for you.