Scorch, Z Flx, Valerie Mandujano Tour Series, 2024

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Orange Purple/Gold Stamp 172g
Blue White/Gold Stamp 172g
Blue Blue Leopard/ Pink Stamp 169g
Pink Black/Red Stamp 169g

Flight Numbers - 11 / 6 / -2 / 2

Designed to complement Valerie Mandujano's finesse on the course, the 2024 Discraft Tour Series ZFLX Jawbreaker Scorch emerges as the ultimate choice for controlled distance drives. Crafted with Discraft's cutting-edge ZFLX Jawbreaker material, this disc embodies durability and flexibility, ensuring consistent performance round after round. As a slightly understable distance driver, the Scorch features a sleek profile optimized for maximum glide and precision, allowing players to effortlessly shape their shots and navigate the fairways with ease. Its gentle understability offers versatility, making it an ideal choice for players looking to add distance to their drives while maintaining control and accuracy.