Solstice, Delta T

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Black Jellybean Stamp 180g (1.1)
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Flight Numbers - Speed 5, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 3

The Millennium Solstice is a flat-top, overstable mid range driver. For faster arms it will glide straight with a reliable fade and for slower arms it will be an overstable mid that you can smash on. It holds up to torque really well, giving you the comfort to throw it on forehands and power hyzers without fear of it flipping. The Solstice has a mix of stability and glide that makes this disc golf driver more versatile than most overstable mid ranges on the market. It can face stiff winds, offers controlled hyzer lines, and smooth, touch sidearm shots, all with a predictable fade. The Solstice comes in both DT Plastic (baseline) and Quantum Plastic (most durable & most stable).