Swirled Star Eagle Gregg Barsby Tour Series

$38.99 USD

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Red Stamp 6 173.7g
Red Stamp 7 173.2g
Silver Glitter 1 173.7g
Silver Glitter 2 173.4g
Purple Stamp 1 173.8g
Purple Stamp 2 175.5g
Purple Stamp 4 176.4g
Purple Stamp 5 174.0g
Purple Stamp 6 176.2g
Purple Stamp 7 175.4g
Silver Stamp 8 173.8g
Silver Stamp 9 173.6g
Silver Stamp 10 173.6g
Silver Stamp 11 173.5g
Silver Stamp 12 173.4g
Silver Glitter Stamp 4 173.8g
Red Stamp 8 174g
Red Stamp 9 173.5g
Red Stamp 11 172.1g
Gregg Barsby has relied on the Eagle as a major weapon in his forehand and backhand arsenal for years, and it helped him on his way to a 2018 World Championship. These swirled Star Eagles are a dependable fairway driver that you’ll be proud to add to the bag. Each disc is a unique blending of colors, no two are the exact same.