Tesla, Proton Plastic, Simon Lizotte Special Edition

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Red Silver/Red Stamp 172g
Green Silver/Red Stamp 172g
Yellow Silver/Blue Stamp 171g
Purple Silver/Red Stamp 170g
Pink Blue/Silver Stamp 167g
Purple Silver/Red Stamp 165g
Blue Blue/Silver Stamp 158g

Flight Numbers - Speed: 9 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 2

What better disc for Simon to choose for his next Team Series disc than his go-to driver, the Proton Tesla? A staple of Simon’s bag, the Tesla is a stable driver with subtle turn and reliable fade - an easy workhorse disc for a variety of shot shapes. Mike Inscho brings Simon’s spirit animal to life with a dynamic illustration of the indomitable and energetic nature Simon brings to the course, while still maintaining that mesmerizing grace. Grab your own Proton Tesla and discover just why it’s become Simon’s go-to!

Pick up a Simon Lizotte Special Edition Tesla today if you're looking for a go-to control driver with some aesthetic flair! We all crave that perfect blend of distance and control! The Team Series Proton Tesla gives us just that with a comfortable turn before its moderate and crazily reliable fade! The Tesla is ready to handle your power, or understand your noodle arm! It's a staple in the bags of players of all skill levels!