Undertaker ESP, Paul McBeth 6X Mcbeast

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Green Blue Holo/Gold Stamp 174g
Peach Silver/Rainbow Stamp 172g
Yellow Pink/Money Stamp 174g
Purple Red/Silver Stamp 172g
Teal Gold/Blue Snowflake Stamp 172g

Paul McBeth 6x ESP Undertaker – Paul McBeth throws some of the smoothest and furthest flying fairway shots in the game and one of the discs he relies on for that is the Undertaker. After winning his 6th title and cementing his status as a Legend in the sport, Discraft made the 6 Claw stamps and this edition is the MCB6XST Undertaker. The Paul McBeth 6x Swirly ESP Undertaker has a a great feel and a long, straight flight that is very predictable. If you are looking to support the greatest in our game then grab a 6 Claw MCB6XST Undertaker today and bring confidence to your 9 speed slot.