Undertaker, ESP Swirl, Ben Callaway Tour Series, 2022

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Black/Green Swirl White Stamp 174g
Pink/Blue Swirl Black Stamp 174g
Orange/Pink Swirl Black Stamp 174g
Pink/Purple Swirl Silver Shatter Stamp 174g
Orange/Pink Ghost Shatter Stamp 174g
Pink/Orange/Blue Ghost Shatter Stamp 174g
Blue/Pink Swirl Black Stamp 172g
Purple/Pink Swirl Rainbow Stamp 172g
Green Rainbow Shatter Stamp 172g
Orange/Pink Swirl Black Stamp 172g

Flight Numbers - 9 / 5 / -1 / 2

The Discraft Undertaker was released in 2016 in the summer with an overstable flight. It offers some turn and at the end of flight tapers off to the left with the gradual fade. The ESP Undertaker is excellent when throwing into a headwind and offers a great flight for forehand throwers. Paul McBeth has solidified the ESP Undertaker as an excellent disc for forehand shots with his signature series being in the TI line.