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Opto Bolt - Red Blue Stamp 166g 8/10
Opto Bolt - Red Silver Stamp 158g 7.5/10
VIP Queen - Blue Holo Stamp 173g 7.5/10
Moonshine King - Glow Silver Stamp 172g 7.5/10
Lucid MF Captain - Purple Pink Stamp 175g 7.5/10
Lucid Trespass - Red Gold Stamp 166g 7.5/10
Lucid Trespass - Blue X-Out 173g 7.5/10
Lucid Air Sheriff - Light Green Silver Stamp 159g 7.5/10
Opto Diamond - Pink Red Stamp 159g 8/10
VIP Stag - Red Pink Stamp 169g 7.5/10
VIP Mace - Red Green X-Out Stamp 169g 7.5/10
Lucid-X EMAC Truth - Purple Red Stamp 174g 8/10
First Run Strike - Pink Black Stamp 174g 8/10
Elite-Z Xpress - Yellow Silver Stamp 173g 7/10
Elite-Z X2 - Yellow Holo Stamp 170g 7.5/10
First Run ESP Crush - Green Blue Stamp 173g 7/10
Neutron Tenacity - Blue Rim Orange Plate 173g 8/10
Neutron Orbital - Yellow 170g 8/10
Proton Mayhem - Red Rim Orange Plate 172g 8/10
Plasma Mayhem - White Rim Orange Plate 174g 7/10
Cosmic Neutron Trace - Yellow/Pink 171g 7/10
Spectrum Air F5 - Red/Pink White Stamp 162g 7/10
D2 400 - Pink Pink/black Stamp 172g 7/10
X3 400g - Blue White Stamp 174g 6.5/10
H2 V2 400 - Yellow Red Stamp 174g 7/10
XCaliber Red F2 Stamp 171g 7/10
Star Wraith Yellow Green Stamp 172g 7/10
Star Wraith Yellow Purple Stamp 164g 7/10
Pro Wraith Purple Black Stamp 170g 7.5/10
Blizzard Champion Wraith Yellow Silver Stamp 164g 7/10
Star Mamba Purple Blue Stamp 171g 8/10
Blizzard Champion Mamba Orange Green Stamp 157g 6.5/10
Champion Beast Green Wonderbread Stamp 170g 7/10
Pro Beast Yellow Whiped Stamp 172g 6/10
Blizzard Champion Pink Purple Stamp 157g 7.5/10
Star Eagle F2 Green Flag Stamp 171g 7/10
Blizzard Champion Leopard3 Purple Light Blue Stamp 167g 8/10
Champion Firestorm Yellow Black Stamp 172g 8/10
Champion Corvette Pink Pink Flower Stamp 171g 7/10
Champion Daedalus Yellow Black Stamp 166g 7/10
Blizzard Champion Vulcan Blue Red Stamp 149g 7.5/10
Star Vulcan Yellow Black Stamp 169g 7/10
Star Colossus Yellow Blue/Green Stamp 172g 7/10
Champion Dominator Teal Worn Stamp 171g 7/10
Star Shryke Pink Black Stamp 169g 7/10
Star Shryke Pink Black Stamp 171g 6.5/10
Star Boss Blue Wonderbread Stamp 172g 7/10
Blizzard Champion Boss Yellow Blue Stamp 164g 7/10
Champion F2 Ape Yellow Pink Stamp 171g 7.5/10
Champion Destroyer Blue White Stamp 169g 7/10
GStar Destroyer Green Black Stamp 168g 6.5/10
Star Destroyer Green Whiped Stamp 172g 6/10

This is our best attempt to keep every disc in the air as long as possible 

Disc are organized:

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All of these were found locally and all numbers have been contacted multiple times to make the best effort to return these discs. 

*If you are a local and see your discs here, please reach out and we will return this to you, free of charge*