Vela, Quantum - Calvin Heimburg

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Yellow Sunset Stamp 175g (Run 1.3)
Yellow Sunrise Stamp 175g 2 (Run 1.3)
Pink Sunrise Stamp 171g (Run 1.3)
Blue Silver Square Stamp 168g (Run 1.3)
Yellow Black Stamp 175g (Run 1.2)
Pink Silver Checkerboard Stamp 175g (Run 1.3)

Flight Numbers - 7 / 4 / -1.5 / 2

The Millennium Quantum Vela is a slightly overstable fairway driver with the perfect balance of power and finesse. For advanced players, the Vela is a straight-flying disc with a predictable fade finish. As it wears in, it can also slice fairways with a controlled turn. For newer or less powerful players it is a great seven speed disc with a predictable fade finish. The Vela's ability to handle high power without too much overstability makes it a solid and reliable fairway disc golf driver for players of every skill level.

Quantum is a premium plastic with the most durability for a long life of reliable performance; smooth and solid feel with a translucent appearance.