Vulture, ESP Swirl, Holyn Handley, 2023


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Purple/Blue Black Stamp 176g
Purple Silver Discraft Stamp 176g
Blue/Pink Gold Shatter Stamp 169g
Orange/Blue Silver Snakeskin Stamp 175g
Blue Blue Shatter Stamp 174g
Blue Green Clover Stamp 174g

Speed 10 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2 | Stability 1.7.

The 2023 Tour Series Vulture is a characterization of individuals who possess a sharp mind and skill for problem solving. Making a return to the TS lineup, this release represents one of our newest Elite Team members Holyn Handley, and her admiration for Nordic culture. Immediately filling a spot in her bag upon joining the Elite Team, Holyn trusts the Vulture's stability and ability to make forward progress without fading out quickly.