Vulture, Zflx, Holyn Handley 2024 Tour Series

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Teal/Gold Holo Stamp 174g
Yellow Scale/Snowflake Stamp 169g
White Silver/Copper Stamp 171g
Red Rainbow Stamp 176g

Speed 10 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2 | Stability 1.7.

Crafted to complement Holyn Handley's powerful drives, the 2024 Discraft Tour Series ZFLX Jawbreaker Vulture stands as the pinnacle of reliability and control on the course. Meticulously engineered with Discraft's innovative ZFLX Jawbreaker material, this disc offers unrivaled durability and flexibility, ensuring consistent performance round after round. As a slightly overstable distance driver, the Vulture features a sleek profile optimized for maximum stability and precision, allowing players to confidently navigate tight fairways and shape their shots with ease. Its reliable overstability provides dependable fades and controlled finishes, making it an essential tool for players seeking distance with pinpoint accuracy.

Join Holyn Handley and elevate your distance game with the 2024 Discraft Tour Series ZFLX Jawbreaker Vulture. Engineered to deliver championship-level performance, this disc represents the perfect fusion of innovation and reliability, helping players unlock their full potential on the course. Experience the difference with every throw as you confidently conquer the fairways and dominate the competition with precision and control.