Zone, ESP, Adam Hammes Tour Series, 2023

$24.99 USD

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Purple Black Stamp 174g
Green/Blue Gold Shatter Stamp 174g
Purple Blue Holo Stamp 174g
Pink/Red Purple Stamp 172g
Purple Silver Discraft Stamp 174g
Pink American Flag Stamp 174g
Gray/Purple Purple Rose Stamp 171g

Flight Numbers - 4 / 3 / 0 / 3

The Discraft Zone is perfectly made for forehand shots. It's classified as a Putter, but the Zone is perfect for this type of throw due to its low profile and overstable flight characteristics. It holds lines without flipping better than any disc on the market. Perfect for long approach shots, and delivers predictable putting in any weather conditions Mother Nature throws at us. The glide is excellent it’s amazing a small flick of the wrist and the disc will seem to fly for days.