Zone ESP, Paul McBeth 6X Mcbeast

$24.99 USD

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Yellow Rainbow/Black Stamp 174g
Orange Pink/Black Stamp 174g
Light Blue Blood Splatter/ Black Stamp 174g
Light Blue Pink Heart/ Teal Stamp 174g
Blue Silver Shatter/Clover Stamp 174g
Yellow Red Shatter/Snow Flake Stamp 174g
Orange Orange/Teal Stamp 174g
Purple/Blue Sunrise/Snowflake Stamp 174g
Green Jellybean/ Silver Stamp 174g
Yellow White/Silver Stamp 174g
Pink/Grey Green/Clover Stamp 174g
Pink/Green Silver/Red Stamp 174g
Green Blue/Light Blue Stamp 174g
Pink Rainbow Shatter/Money Stamp 174g
Green Silver/Snowflake Stamp 174g
Green Rainbow Star/Blue Holo Stamp 174g

Paul McBeth 6x ESP Zone – The Zone is one of the most popular discs in the game and it is used heavily by 6x World Champion Paul McBeth. The MCB6XST 6 Claw Zone is the perfect approach disc for forehands, hyzers, flex shots, and many more. With a comfortable feel in the hand this disc can be thrown with confidence. The McB6XST 6 Claw Swirly ESP Zone will be a disc that fans clamor over and is sure to be a hot disc. If you are looking for a new approach disc then grab a Paul McBeth 6x Swirly ESP Zone today!