Zone OS, Brodie Smith Tour Series, 2023

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Green/Blue Black Stamp 174g
Yellow/Orange Silver Star Stamp 174g
Pink Purple Sunset Stamp 174g
Lavender Purple Sunset Stamp 174g
Green Flag Stamp 174g
Pink/Green Red Stamp 174g
Light Purple Blue Dragon Scale Stamp 174g
Dark Purple Blue Stamp 174g
Green Red Stamp 174g
Teal/Green Flag Stamp 174g
Blue Silver Holo Stamp 174g

Flight Numbers - Speed: 4 Glide: 2 Turn: 1 Fade: 5

The Discraft ZONE OS is a new addition to their lineup of Disc Golf discs, offering players an even more stable option than the already-popular Zone. This disc is designed for players who need a dependable overstable flight path to handle their toughest throws. The ZONE OS has a low profile and a flat top, providing a comfortable grip for consistent releases. Its premium plastic blend offers superior durability and reliability in all weather conditions. The ZONE OS is a must-have for players looking to improve their accuracy and control on the course. #BEEF

The 2023 Tour Series Zone OS is a true representation of Darkhorse. Coming into disc golf in 2020, Brodie Smith has made a statement of someone who shouldn’t be underestimated. This release celebrates those who are determined, hardworking, and strive for improvement daily.